Here you can find a couple of experiments and prototypes that I made as part of my study programm (Digital Games, BA) at the Cologne Game Lab, between 2016 and 2018.

Q® (2017) is a location based, collectible card game for mobile devices. The player joins one of three opposing mega-corporations (Pharma, Finance and Weapons) who are fighting for world domination in a dystopian future – loosely inspired by the Shadowrun universe.
Players play against each other in turn-based card battles. In order to find new cards and expand their deck, they have to scan QR-codes that are distributed in the real world. The location of the QR-codes can be found by solving quests that are given by the NPC’s of the factions through social media.
I worked on this project as a game designer and writer.

Genre: Location based CCG (collectible card game)
Platform: mobile (Android)
Engine: Unity 5
Team Size: 6
Production time: 7 weeks

Artwork: Sarah Engelhardt

Game Design:
I worked on the following features:
• designed the turn-structure and overall gameplay of the card battles
• devloped the names, descriptions, effects and costs of each card (80 in total) and special profiles for each of the three factions
• writing all card texts (abilities & flavor text)
• layout and visual mock-ups for the card battle screen

Design tools I used:
• Excel for card stats and texts
• Scribus for UI and UX mock-ups
• paper cards for designing different possible decks

To make sure that the card battles can be played comfortably on an Android Smartphone, I made early prototype user interfaces

SPORCIETY (2017) is a puzzle platformer with elements of a social simulation game.
You start with a society of 10 spores. Your goal is to bring your society to 100 by letting the spores bump into each other at the bottom of the floor and create offsprings. During the way down the spores become hungry and have to be fed, otherwise they will starve before they reach the ground.

Concept | Game Design | Prototype made with Construct 2


It wasn’t a lovesong (2017) is an experimental game prototype that questions the boundaries between a game and a video editing program. You play a film cutter who can rearrange pieces of a crime story into three different storylines. The game can be seen as a “story generating engine” that can be used for multiple ways of re-telling or re-making a story.


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