Elegy (2016) is a 2D puzzle platformer that I worked on with a team of dedicated people at Cologne Game Lab / University of Cologne. Our question was: How can a 2D platformer without jumping look like?
In ELEGY the player must destroy the ground he stands on to fall down to platforms beneath. An umbrella serves as a way to manipulate speed and direction of fall. The goal is to collect enough dream shards to enter the next level.
I worked on this game as game designer, level designer and project lead.

Genre: 2D Puzzle Platformer
Platform: PC, Mac
Engine: Unity
Team Size: 5
Production time: 6 weeks
Release: Showcased at the “Art & Games” Exhibition, Max-Ernst Museum, Brühl, Germany, 05/14/2016

The game can be downloaded here (Windows):

Game Design:
I worked on the following features:
• Overall game concept and storyboarding
• Character abilities, Camera, Controls
• Behavior of enemies & traps

The game-loop: The player moves, breaks and falls through platforms in order to collect fragments until the safepoint is reached.

Level Design:
I worked on the following features:
• blocking out the level
• testing physics behavior, managing difficulty curve
• Puzzle design (collectible <-> obstacle relations)
• Writing and placement of text triggers

Design tools I used:
• Level sketches on paper
• Unity 5 for level building and testing



In this challenging and atmospheric 2D puzzle-platformer you play a child who lost his favorite pet and is going through the ‘five stages of grief’. Trapped in a dreamlike state, you are wandering through a seemingly empty city. Your goal is to recollect your memories and cope with your loss. But to find your memories, you have to shatter everything around you and take the risk of falling into the unknown.</p align=justify>

Team: Seren Besorak: Character Art, Sound | Sarah Engelhardt: Environment & Concept Art | Florian Erhard: Level & Game Design | Andreas Gefken: Project Lead, Game Design | Ilke Karademir: Programming, Design

Cologne Game Lab – BA 1 Project
Game Design, Project Management, Writing
Platform: Windows